Personality plays significant role in influencing academic performance. As empirical evidence has been confirmed, with increasing age individuals’ personality traits have less effect on academic performance. In our study first grade university students (N = 402) completed the Five Factor Inventory and reported their grade point average GPA. As results shows, only personality trait conscientiousness was positively related to academic performance GPA. The BigFive together explained only 2.5% of the variability in grade point average (GPA), where only personality trait conscientiousness has been show as a statistically significant predictor (Beta = -.194, t = -3.389, Sig. < .001) of academic performance among university students.

Keywords: Personality traits, BigFive, NEO-FFI, Academic achievement



Breaking Bad: Inappropriate mathematics and perverse incentives are ruining Science.

Concern is growing about the impossibility to replicate many research findings.

For some reasons, science is going wrong.

We will argue that it is a combination of perverse incentives and inappropriate mathematics that is responsible for that.

The perverse incentives include pressure to publish too much, real or perceived pressure to publish only positive results, insufficient effort and motivation to repeat experiments, and unfortunate structure of research careers and financing.

Inappropriate mathematics includes the classical toolbox of hypothesis testing which is routinely used for inference instead of the more appropriate Bayesian framework.

We will discuss the consequences and address the question of what can be done.

We will issue a dire warning and present an example of the scale of damage that can be done by the synergy of perverse incentives and inappropriate mathematics.

Duration: 90 minutes

Language: English or Czech


Machine learning will change the world. More than you think.

In the introduction, we will recall the rise of the West, which seemed improbable around 1400 and yet, it happened.

Together with Niall Ferguson, we will argue that the rise of the West was based on the following Six Killer Apps:

Competition, Science, Medicine, Property rights, Consumerism, and Work ethics.

In this perspective we will argue that the three most important scientific and technological motions nowadays are:

Machine learning and Big Data, Complexity science, and the Bayesian revival.

Duration: 45 minutes

Language: English or Czech


Dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen,

do you get the feeling that the work of a psychologist – scientist, practitioner or student – is unending? Come and share your thoughts at the PhD existence: Czech-Slovak psychological conference (not only) for and about postgraduate students! The conference will be held January 31st – February 1st 2018 at the Konvikt building in Olomouc and the 8th year’s topic is “Infinity in Psychology”. We welcome regular visitors as well as new guests, foreign or domestic, from the ranks of both professionals and students.

What can you expect? The possibilities are endless, ranging from papers reflecting new findings in psychological diagnostics, testing, risk behavior and its prevention, across contemporary research dealing with issues in the field of educational and school psychology, to interdisciplinary topics from the whole universe of social sciences. You can register your presentation, poster or workshop by January 2nd 2018 at our website, (unfortunately this matter cannot be dateless). But you can also simply attend the conference – in this case, the registration will be open until the conference space capacity is met. Proceedings from the past years have been successfully indexed in the Thomson Reuters database and we hope to continue with this tradition.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you,

Lucie Viktorová & Jaroslava Suchá for the program committee